4 Days 3 Night Itinerary Makassar

Planning itinerary is important during vacation, especially if you plan to go on a trip by yourself. If you plan to visit Makassar, Indonesia, for your vacation, this article will give you an example of 4 days 3 nights itinerary Makassar to give some reference.

The list below will describe the example of vacation plan in Makassar for 4 days and 3 night that you can use as your reference to plan your trip.

  • Day 1: arrival at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar, a guide will bring you to an old harbor called Paotere to see the activity of Bugis-Makassar sailors with their infamous Phinisi boat. Lunch near the harbor. Next destination is Fort Rotterdam, which is also known as Fort Makassar. This fort was built in the era of Gowa Kingdom in Makassar. The shape of this fort is very unique because it looks like a sea turtle from above. After Fort Rotterdam, you will visit Anjungan Pantai Losari Makassar or Losari Beach Pavilion to enjoy sunset. Dinner on a restaurant near the spot. After dinner, you will go to the hotel to take a rest.
  • Day 2: checking out from hotel after breakfast and going to Tana Toraja (8 hours trip with car). During this trip you can enjoy the scenery of Buginese village with its beautiful rice fields and traditional houses. Lunch is at closest restaurant. After lunch, next destination is Kota Rantepao Toraja. During the trip, you will take a rest at Puncak Lakawan or better known as Gunung Nona (Nona Mountain) to enjoy the beautiful scenery it offers. You will arrive at the hotel in Kota Rantepao Toraja at evening to check in and have a dinner.
  • Day 3: after breakfast, the guide will bring you to tourist attractions in Tana Toraja. The first destination is Lemo, a cemetery built on a cliff with a sequence of Toraja statues called Tau-tau, which are the replica of the dead person. Next is Suaya, a tree that was used to bury baby corpse during earlier era. Next is Londa, a cemetery in a form of a cave where the coffins are put in the cave without being buried. Lunch at local restaurant. Next is Kete Kesu, a traditional Toraja village where you can see the granaries and traditional houses called Tongkonan. Dinner at local restaurant, and stay for a night at Toraja.
  • Day 4: after breakfast, back to Makassar. Resting for a moment at Puncak Lakawan to enjoy Bambapuang Mountain scenery. Lunch at local restaurant in Kota Pare-Pare. After lunch, you will go directly to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar.

Those are the example of what to do in Makassar for 4 days and 3 night as the reference for your vacation plan. If you want to use a tour service, you need to confirm this itinerary plan with the provider beacuse each tour service usually has their own package. Doing some research to available tour services is recommended to make sure you choose the best service that will give you the unforgettable memory for your vacation.

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