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The Various Uses Of Fog Misting Systems

Over time, fog misting units have gained popularity. People normally use residential high pressure misting systems for cooling the outdoors. The units come in handy during summer and other days when temperatures are too high especially in areas that experience the desert climate. Similarly, the systems are also used for commercial cooling purposes. Apart from cooling homes, the systems have many other roles to play as discussed in the article.

In essence, the operation principle of the misting system lies is the production of very fine water droplets under high pressure. The spray is generated due to the combination of the size of the nozzle holes and the small water pumps in the system. The cooling effect is realized because of splash evaporation that takes place when the mist hits the air.

The system is useful in greenhouse cooling as well. Such systems have timers and they only operate during the desired hours. Additionally, the units have sensors as well so that they are triggered once the temperature or relative humidity gets to a specific level. That ensures that the crops grow fast and healthy.
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Agricultural cooling systems are also useful in agricultural cooling. Very high temperatures can cause unrest in animals and they might die due to heat stroke. That influences animal production negatively. For this reason, the misting units should be used for cooling the animal houses to help achieve or maintain high production.
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Fog misting units are also useful in food sectors such as dairy. Food must be stored at certain temperature to prevent spoilage. Also, the storage humidity needs to be checked. Companies in this industry need misters that provide just the right humidity that does bot wet the product. Misters that form water promote mold growth that cause food spoilage. The molds are also a health risk.

The misting equipment is also useful in industries where dust production cannot be avoided. The dust can cause health issues such as eye problems and reduce visibility significantly. For this reason, a unit that get rids of dust is needed. Dust control sprays are released through the misting nozzles and they form fog that attracts all dust particles and makes them settle on the ground. The primary factor that makes this process successful is that the size of the water droplets produced is almost similar to that of the dust particles. Hence, the spray quickly merges with the dust.

It does not matter where you use the system as long as it is efficient. You should buy the systems from reputable brands and maintain them accordingly. Maintaining the systems entails making replacements on broken parts and removing dirt that might be clogging the nozzles. An efficient unit can prevent you from spending an arm an a leg on power.

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